Under the Ocean Blue

The alien-looking southern calamari squid is native to Australian and New Zealand coastlines. Its dot painting-like skin patterns are reminiscent of ancient Aboriginal paintings. It took me several weeks of night dives and patience to achieve this unique portrait: when I shot this frame I was elated!!Every professional and amateur photographer’s dream is to get that shot that is so alive and spontaneous, clear and concise in its story that there is no mistaking it for anything other than genius. Aspiring for that moment could take a lifetime and never be met. On the other hand, if you place yourself in an environment that is magical to begin with, you up your chances.

That’s exactly what underwater photographers do. Submersed in an other-worldly atmosphere that supplies the non-ordinary at every turn, presents opportunities that are unimaginable. To capture the unimaginable on film, results in a wildlife photographer’s dream come true.

It’s crucial to delve in to our underwater world and capture the wonders on film before the exterminators of pollution, global warming and unconscious humans denigrate them any farther.

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3 Nat Geo Wildlife Award Winners

Wildlife photography has to be a passion, otherwise a photograph becomes just a picture. The discriminating eye behind the lens capturing the subject is more critical than the equipment or even the object of attention. Why? Because it’s an experiential and critical component to a loop of value that cannot be broken. Seeing, experiencing and sensing the spectacular or unusual, all come from the person behind the camera.

The world is filled with the “spectacular and unusual”, but not with the talent it takes to preserve the image of such far beyond and into posterity. Those individuals are a rarity and don’t necessarily need a raleigh nc limo service when stuck in the dessert or mountain top aiming to get a shot of a lifetime.

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