Seeing our natural world through another’s eyes is at the heart of Wildlife Photography-Art. Wildlife is out our back doors and on the Savannahs of the African plains. Whether hiking through the forest or jumping off a rock-face and Paragliding through canyons, we surround ourselves with endless opportunity to capture the gifts of nature on film.

As an amateur photographer who has had a few successes with the camera, I value and treasure the chance to celebrate my work and the accomplishments of other artists. My blog posts are designed to shine a light on some of my own pieces, but also to elaborate with professional insights other talented photographers.

Yes, I take you along on my own adventures, but there is so much to this wide open field of expression. Who are my mentors? Who has produced the most jaw-dropping photographs of this century, this decade, this year and of all time?

At Wildlife Photography I take my readers with me as I look into the art of being a good and sometimes a great photographer. My personal experiences have taken me all over the world and yet some of my best shots were captured within a mile of home. Nature is art and seeing her gifts well enough to capture them for posterity is also a gift that I have been blessed to have been given. I take nothing for granted as I peer into the nooks and crannies of nature. I open my lenses to the possibilities that await me every day. Some of my photographs were even a surprise to me when I looked at them after the fact. So many hidden gems.

I assume to know just enough to be aware of how much I still want to learn. In my blog posts, I interview some of the greats. I want to know about their drive – when did they first realize they had an eye and a willingness to follow their dreams of wildlife photography? What kind of equipment do they use and what instruments are best suited for which circumstances?

To all of you who have a passion for nature and photography and are interested in kicking the can with me, I welcome you to join me.